Raise the gourmet popcorn buffet bar at your next party

Are you seeking ideas that are fresh, affordable, and have that "wow" factor for your next party?

Serving a popcorn bar or a popcorn buffet with a variety of fresh, flavorful gourmet popcorn will turn an ordinary party into something memorable.

Check out these Gourmet Popcorn Buffet ideas

  • Wedding Buffet: A perfect late night snack your guests already love. A no fuss, worry free gourmet popcorn buffet gives you a night of dancing and laughter. Who wouldn't want that on your very special day? Favorite flavors: Caramel Cashew, Luscious Lemon, Snickerdoodle, or Cheddarific.
  • Graduation Parties: show off your school spirit with yummy flavorful popcorn in your school colors. What a fun unique easy treat your grad and their friends will love!
  • Corporate Events: Employee appreciation, corporate conferences or workshops are perfect events for a popcorn buffet. A quick, tasty treat shows your employees or guests you appreciate them while saving you precious time and energy. Favorite flavors: Caramel, Green Bay Mix, Caramel Drizzle or White Cheddar                            .
  • Holiday Parties: Have a crowd coming for a Christmas, New Year's Eve, Birthday, Game Day or any other special occasion? A gourmet popcorn buffet adds a unique festive twist to any party.

Here are a few quick tips to add extra fun to your gourmet popcorn buffet.

  • Offer a variety of sweet & savory flavors. Poppin' Z's has over 50 flavors so there's something for everyone.
  • Include signage that invites your guests to sample the popcorn plus identify the popcorn flavors. A fun picture frame or chalk board are quick sign solutions. Choose a vintage font or whatever style fits your party theme or corporate image.
  • Display the gourmet popcorn in clear acrylic jars, antique tins, rustic apple baskets or colorful tubs which will all coordinate your overall look for the party. The popcorn can be scooped into small "ice cream cups", treat bags, or drink cups. Let your imagination run wild! Just remember the scoops! A recent customer used colorful sand pails for the popcorn and the shovels became the scoops. How cute is that?
  • Adding seasonal touches to your popcorn buffet creates a unique display your guests will remember. A vase of seasonal flowers, a festive tablecloth, plus simple accessories which reflect your theme or corporate image adds some "pop" to your popcorn buffet.
Poppin' Z's Gourmet Popcorn ~ "Popcorn with a Purpose" Your trusted gourmet popcorn partner providing so much more than delicious popcorn. Contact us today at amy@poppinzsgourmetpopcorn.com. Visit our website at https://poppinzsgourmetpopcorn.com/ or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/PoppinZs/


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