Danny loves going to the CP Center almost as much as he loves making popcorn!

Danny & the CP Center

If you’re from the Green Bay area I’m sure you’ve heard of the CP Center or watched the CP Telethon on TV. Most people assume the CP Center is for individuals who have cerebral palsy, which is true, but there are so many more that benefit from the services the CP Center offers.

At the CP Center, Danny takes part in the Adult Day Services programming which he loves almost as much as he loves making popcorn. A unique feature about the CP Center is that therapy is disguised in an abundance of fun, engaging, self-motivating activities which are tailored to the individual’s needs and interests. There are many different classes Danny attends that provide the therapy he needs but it’s the friendships I think he enjoys the most.

Skill Development

Danny loves to cook! He has many opportunities to develop and practice his cooking skills in his kitchen, life skills or even in the garden & science class. In the garden & science class they grow tomatoes & green peppers, turn the produce into salsa which they sell during their Salsa sale. Great experience for all! Practicing his measuring, ability to follow directions and develop patience are skills Danny practices daily in class and then applies these skills when performing his jobs while making popcorn.

Sensory Processing

The sensory room at CP is one of Danny’s favorites! It’s filled with bubble tubes, vibrating bean bag chairs, music, soft lights, etc. If you’re unfamiliar with sensory disorders you might think this equipment is a total waste of resources, but it’s not! Danny spends an afternoon a week in this room where he has learned to process all the things his senses sense. It’s hard to describe but if you imagine you have an itch and no matter what you do the itch will not go away. How annoying and stressful life would become because no matter what you did you were always focused on the itch. Well, because of Danny’s brain injury his senses often are on overload, like the itch that wouldn’t go away. Being in the sensory room has he

Enjoying a game with CP friends

lpad Danny “calm” the itch so he is able to process all the sensory information everyone processes daily with considerable less stress and anxiety. Danny is generally a pretty easy going guy but since he has been coming to the sensory room I can see a greater sense of calmness and patience which are great attributes in his workplace.

Developing Friendships                                                                                               

When Danny walks into the CP Center he is greeted with a friendly “Hi, Danny”. He waves and smiles in return. For someone who is non-verbal this simple greeting is a welcoming way to start the day. In Danny’s experience people often ignore you when you can’t respond back to them in a manner the recipient is use to. At the CP Center alternative communication methods are common place. Danny receives speech therapy where he practices using his “talker” to communicate with friends, plus improves his participation in his classes. He even has a joke page, which makes everyone laugh a bit.


The heated therapy pool is enjoyed by so many people throughout the community. A friend of mine is recovering from a stroke and the exercise classes in the CP pool have been instrumental in her physical recovery. Danny loves playing basketball in the pool so that’s a great incentive to get a few laps in first. Exercise is not Danny’s strong suit, what can I say! But he now has a few yoga moves he likes to show me.

Support helps Community

I wanted to share Danny’s experience at the CP Center so when you watch or hear about the CP telethon you will know your donation helps fund experiences Danny not only enjoys but that make a huge difference in his life. The greater Green Bay area is so fortunate to have such a wonderful facility for people with disabilities in our area! We believe in the power of the CP Center so Poppin’ Z’s proudly donates a portion of every sale to the CP Center. So, thank you for supporting Poppin’ Z’s and the CP Center.

For more information about the CP Center go to https://www.wearecp.org and for more information about Poppin’ Z’s go to https://www.poppinzsgourmetpopcorn.com

Danny loves saying “hi” to the CP birds every morning.