What’s your Adventure?

Canoeing? Camping? Exotic Locations? Sounds like fun and before children I would have been all in and loving every minute. However life happens….

When Danny was in preschool a “perky put together mom” came up to me and asked “So, have you done the Disney thing yet?” I blame my sleep deprivation because the thoughts that popped into my head I actually said out loud. “Why in the world would I want to be in a small enclosed airplane for hours, fight the crowds, only to stand in line for an hour for a three minute ride when my child can’t even sit still long enough to turn on the computer?” Ugh…..I hope I combed my hair that day….

Anyway, after I took a nap I started to wonder about all the other adventures normal families did that our family would never experience. What would my kids be missing out on? Which made me feel guilty and totally inept as a parent. Sound familiar?

Luckily, Danny helped me realize adventures are still possible. Ordinary days can be adventurous if you bring along the right attitude. Danny has thisĀ  ability to see something extraordinary about something he has seen a hundred times. I really start to pay attention to the details he sees all around him which has helped me start seeing the ordinary stuff with a new perspective. Believe me just noticing your every day surroundings in a new light will definitely brighten your day.

July is the perfect time to try something out of the ordinary, something fun or unexpected, something that re-energizes you. Vacations are great but if they create more stress, financially, emotionally or physically then it really isn’t worth it, in my book anyway. For our family taking day trips is often a grand adventure without causing unnecessary anxiety or stress for anyone. One summer we went looking for elephants (not easy to find in WI) but Danny had his binoculars and safari hat along just in case we found one. Another summer we went waterfall hunting! Found one a foot high, why it was called a waterfall is beyond me! Our favorite waterfall is Horseshoe Falls up passed Crivitz.

Our popcorn business, especially traveling to different fairs and festivals with our kettle corn sure has been adventurous, not exactly stress free or relaxing but with Danny’s positive attitude we couldn’t help but bring our adventurous spirit along. One of our favorite July festivals is the Midsummer Festival of the Arts at the John Michael Kohler Art Museum in Sheboygan. If you are interested in really unique quality art or craft items this is the festival for you. Plus you gotta check out the bathrooms……sounds weird but talk about art…..???

I think back to the “Disney thing.” Many families have had wonderful adventures at Disney but I’m glad I realized it wasn’t going to be a good match for us. I’ve always been a “road less traveled” kind of gal so creating adventures that were off the beaten path plus within the comfort and ability of our family wasn’t a big leap, at least one I learned to leave the parent peer pressure guilt behind, anyway. Looking for adventures in our neighborhood has really been fun and I don’t think Danny has missed out on anything.

Wherever your adventures take you, leave your to-do list, the pile of bills on the table, or thoughts of whether your neighbor remembered to water the flowers behind. You won’t be able to enjoy yourself unless you block these thoughts from your mind. Choose to enjoy the adventurous moments that are right there with you. Not that you neglect your responsibilities but we’re not meant to toil 24/7 so leave all that stuff behind on occasion.

Seize the day as they say. Make the moments matter whatever they may be. If you live responsibly in the moment your days will be full of adventures, laughter, and love. Another thing I’ve learned from my sons.

So pack your positive attitude, seize the moment and make it an adventurous day!