An Impressive Treat for any Event

Popcorn buffets are the hottest party trend that’s “popping up” everywhere! Popcorn is the #1 selling snack food so your guests already love it! Popcorn buffets are easy to set-up and worry free. No need for temperature monitoring, special equipment, or serving assistance. One of my recent customers is planning a movie night theme for her wedding reception so your creativity will certainly shine with a popcorn buffet. The possibilities are endless so let your creative side run free!

Popcorn for corporate events, really?

Yes! A popcorn buffet is perfect for employee appreciation or thank you idea! A stress free delicious snack during a conference or company training meeting is an office managers dream. Plus our individual snack bags can be customized with your corporate message and logo, making a memorable trade show give-away item. Creativity and innovation are terms brought to mind with over forty unique flavors to choose from. Many unique options for popcorn in the corporate world your customers will remember.

How much popcorn will I need for my event?

The amount of popcorn will vary with every occasion. A good rule of thumb is 1-2 cups per person (approx. 1-2 oz) but serving size will vary greatly so here are a few things to consider:

  • Other snack choices
    • If you are serving other hors d’oeuvres or snacks, people will usually try them all so you won’t need as much popcorn.
    • However, having a little extra is always better than running out.
  • Time to munch
    • The longer your guests have to wait, the more they like to snack.
    • Popcorn buffets are a perfect snack to dance the night away.
    • A great idea is to assign someone to refill the popcorn containers during the party – perhaps the caterer or a friend?
  • Are you serving alcohol?
    • Generally speaking, people tend to snack more if alcohol is involved in the celebration.
  • Container Size and Type
    • Whatever your container size, your guests will probably fill it full even if they will not be eating it all. For example, if your container holds 3 cups, and you are planning on 1 cup per person, you might find yourself running short.
    • It’s a good idea to think about how much the container holds as well as its appearance.
    • Keeping your serving containers covered, especially in humid climates, will help to keep your popcorn crisp. Remember the scoops!
  • Variety of Flavors
    • Everybody has different likes and dislikes; by providing a balance of both sweet and savory flavors, your guests will surely find their favorite.

Buffet Options

Here are our popcorn buffet options but remember we can always customize to meet your needs. You can add a single party bag of any flavor to your buffet just by clicking that flavor option when ordering online. Please email Amy at if you have any questions.

Office Buffet– choose any 2 sweet flavors, 1 savory flavor party bag size. Approx. number of servings 44-91. Price $50.95.

Premium Office Buffet – choose 1 premium flavor, 1 sweet flavor, 1 savory flavor party bag size. Approx. number of servings 46-94. Price $57.95

Sweet Buffet – choose any 6 sweet flavors party bag size. Approx. number of servings 108-222. Price $102.95

Savory Buffet – choose any 6 savory flavors party bag size. Approx. number of servings 48-102. Price $96.95

S.S. Combo Buffet – choose any 3 sweet flavor party bag size plus 3 savory flavor party bag size. Approx. number of servings 78-162. Price $99.95

A typical sweet party bag weighs about 37 oz with approx 18-37 servings. A typical savory party bag weighs about 17 oz. with approx. 8-17 servings. A typical premium party bag weighs about 40 oz. with approx. 20-37 servings.